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WA Chats Backup: Preserve your WhatsApp memories forever. Export chats to HTML, CSV, JSON, or Excel.

Chats Backup for wa is a powerful browser extension that allows users to export WhatsApp chat history directly from WhatsApp Web App. With this tool, you can save your conversations in various formats, including HTML, CSV, JSON, and XLSX (Excel), catering to different needs and preferences. Detailed Features The process of using Chats Backup for wa is straightforward, but its technologically advanced features are what make it stand out: - It supports multiple export formats: You can choose from HTML, JSON, CSV, and Excel formats for your exports. The HTML format even allows you to preview attachments, making it easier to manage media files shared in chats. - Time frame selection: Select the specific time you want to export. If no time is chosen, the entire chat history will be exported. - One-click backup: A dedicated export button appears prominently, enabling quick access to the tool's features. - Auto-generate filenames: If you don't provide a filename, “WhatsApp Chats Backup” will automatically assign one, simplifying the process. How to Use 1. Navigate to and open any chat you wish to export. 2. you'll find an 'Export' button in the top left corner. Click it to open the export settings interface. 3. In the pop-up window, adjust the settings for your export. Choose the desired time frame for the chats you wish to export. If you leave this blank, the extension will export the complete chat history. 4. Select your preferred export format from the options available (HTML, JSON, CSV, Excel). 5. Provide a filename for the exported data or leave it blank for an automatically generated one. 6. Click ‘Export Chats’ to initiate the fetching process. 7. Once fetching is complete, click ‘Download Items(number)’ to save the chat logs onto your computer. Whether you're a professional needing to archive client conversations or someone looking to preserve memories, Chats Backup for wa offers you a reliable solution. Its user-friendly interface combined with powerful export capabilities makes it the perfect choice for anyone using WhatsApp. So why wait? Give it a try today and take the first step towards secure and efficient chat management! Data Privacy Your data stays on your device and is not stored or transmitted to our servers. We prioritize keeping your information secure and confidential. Disclaimer This extension is an independently developed product by ExtensionsBox and has no association with WhatsApp LLC.

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