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Apr 12, 2024

New youtube

After update youtube i cant click button block channel.


Nov 23, 2023

Seems to be failing?

Hi, big fan of the extension, but blocked channels have started slipping through in the last couple of days, at least on Brave browser. This has never been a noticeable issue for me in the past.


Oct 23, 2023


I could see on the Options that the button was active but when I went on Youtube took me ages to find it I suggest changing the default colour for the button before people download the extension as some people arent as attentive and may rate you badly thinking it doesnt work. By the way I found the button thank you its awesome.

Patrick Clausen (MightyXen)

Aug 8, 2023

Please add this

Please add so shorts videos are also hidden when a channel is blocked


Aug 5, 2023


hi, are you still updating this extension?

Ahmed A.

Jul 24, 2023

block button not showing in for you section

block button not showing in "for you" section, it would great if you can add that


Jul 23, 2023

not sure if bug but

NOT SURE IF BUG but in the search result section under the "People also watched" and
"Channels new to you" and "For you" and "Previously watched" and "From related searches"
These videos dont have the X icon to block. please include if possible! thank you! And also these auto generated playlists called "mix". No X icon appear for them either!


Jul 19, 2023

Cannot import large blocklists

The extension cannot import blocklists that are very large (100,000+ lines), in which case it would use 100% of CPU AND RAM and crash the browser/the entire device.

Denis Varga

Apr 22, 2023

Turning off the comment block

I would love to have an option to not block comments from user, and i know that im not the only one. Some people (me in particular) use this extension to block channels that we already subscribed to, to exclude them from search or recommendations, since we already have them in subscription feed. And it would be a very nice thing to be able to see the comments on videos of those channels.

Oyku Camlibel

Mar 20, 2023



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