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Лёва КовальчукJul 18, 2024

This is a very useful app. I recommend it for curbing inappropriate YouTube recommendations. But a huge request to the developer: PLEASE make the block button with its active zone BIGGER! Half the time you miss trough that tiny cross. And then instead of blocking the channel, its video starts up. In this case, YouTube makes another stupid conclusion that what is interesting is exactly what you really want to block! Please enlarge the block button!

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Average HummerJul 12, 2024

On Firefox this still works perfectly, but on Opera it just resets everything at random. Used to be a good.

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Jacob HolmesJun 30, 2024

Was amazing, but about a month ago it started acting funny and would only sometimes work. Even if I exported and reimported blocked channels and then restarted Chrome, it would not have everything I blocked... well... blocked. Also the menu when entering the setting sometimes 'glitches out' between the old and new version for a couple seconds every time I enter. The old u.i. was better imo as everything was in 1 place instead of spread over multiple tabs. There's not enough to justify it ... Show more

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Eli JohnsonJun 29, 2024

Constantly overwrites the whole list when you block a new channel. It just wipes out the list and the only channel shown is the one you just blocked. Delete that channel and the original list comes back sometimes, sometimes not. It's getting buggier which I didn't think was possible. Even when the list is intact, the ext doesn't always block channels like it should. Other minor issues too. I hope updates are still being worked on as this was a great ext for YT. ALSO, the Import/Export ... Show more

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Ahmanda C.Jun 28, 2024

I thought it was just a "me" problem until I read the reviews. I block one stupid channel and it shows up in my recommendations fifteen minutes later. Sometimes I'll click on a new video and the channel will reappear. I genuinely thought it was because I simply blocked too many channels. Nope, the damn thing completely reset itself. I don't know what's going on, but I hate it. This extension worked well for YEARS beforehand. At least for me.

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Rustem SadrlimanovJun 28, 2024

I liked it until it completely reset itself and lost all of the channels I blocked.

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Martina AJun 25, 2024

Why did you guys mess with this update? It doesn't work at all anymore.

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restotoolJun 19, 2024

It would appear that updates for this ext are dead now??? It is still buggy. Sometimes it doesnt block channels on various pages. Block buttons do not always show or sometimes dont work even if they are showing. Has database issues. etc... Import/Export button is stuck under a menu now rather than being on the main page like it used to be. I get that changes needed to be made due to Google going to Manifest V3 but this version of the ext does not seem to have been tested at all before ... Show more

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EmuLegsJun 17, 2024

seems to work well

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Nichlas SamuelsenJun 16, 2024

Only works in the "Home" page? When searching for videos, I still see all blocked channels. So annoying that YouTube doesn't just allow people to block channels like on YouTube Kids.

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