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Bogdan Peregubko

Jan 13, 2024

Please make blacklist and whitelist modes as 2 separate modes which

I want to completely different channel lists for blocking and allowing. For example, in the usual time i wanna block only certain channels but in the time when i need to really focus on something i want access to only certain channels. And i wanna switch easily between these two states.
For now if i wanna do such a thing i need to export all the "bad" channels and export all the "good" channels and each time i wanna switch between the two states i import them in the extention and change mode from "blacklist" to "whitelist" and vice versa. Too complicated. But you can have different sets of channels for both modes and the only thing left to do is just switch modes with one click. Simple. Elegant.

Andrii Vlasov

Feb 15, 2023

extention options do not work

when i click on Extention options it redirects me to an ampty page, with some react stuff.

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