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Aug 27, 2022

Extention on Kiwi Browser

Its imposible to know what fonts work on this browser. For example, Courier font works but its not install on my phone ( Samsung Galaxy A71 ). How do I know the fonts that works?

Filip Filipović

May 28, 2020

Certain fonts don't seem to load.

Hello. I really like using your app to improve readability of Japanese text. However, I've noticed that some fonts fail to load. For example G-OTF Kyoukasho ICA Pro R.
Link here ( Try here if the link doesn't work (
You can test it on this page:
I'm really grateful for your extension and hope you'll be able to fix this bug. Thanks in advance!

YoungHun Lim

May 19, 2020

An error has occurred

I would like to use and download your "change all UI fonts"
However, There was a problem with the download "Invalid manifest"
I would really be appreciated if you could fix it soon.

Thank you.

Jason Hicks

Jul 23, 2019

Icons missing

Extension is great because all websites are now equally readable. However, icons on many sites (e.g. Google Calendar) are empty rectangles. Do you know why this is occurring?


Feb 9, 2017

Changing Back

I cant change the website back to the original font(s)

Allen Sun (Al)

Mar 25, 2016

Add ability to change only certain websites.

This extension is working great, but I wish there was the option to set only certain websites to have their font changed.

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