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ChatGPT网页版大师是一款高效、免费、安全、稳定的魔法上网专用插件,它能够突破网络封锁,用匿名方式自由地浏览ChatGPT的各种内容和资源,避免被追踪和监控。 ChatGPT网页版大师是一款高效、免费、安全、稳定的科学上网插件,可帮助用户突破网络封锁、跨境访问国外的网站和应用程序。用户可以轻松地访问被封锁的网站和应用程序,包括ChatGPT旗下社交网络、娱乐、学术、新闻、电商、游戏、视频、音乐等不同领域的平台,以获得更多、更广泛的信息和资源,提高工作和学习的效率和质量。 专门为教育、科研、游戏、新闻、外贸、跨境电商、海淘及开发人员服务,解决ChatGPT无法使用Web网页版本以及上网加速工具,Chrome内核浏览器专用,同时可以访问GPT-4、DALL.E2、Whisper、Alignment、以及API等OpenAI旗下产品。 一键安装即可使用,操作简单,上手即可访问、浏览。 最好用的Chrome加速插件,可以帮助用户提高海外访问网站的速度和地区限制,提高工作和学习的效率! 试用版本: 您可以每天免费体验TRY试用版本,它是免费的不需要任何付费,每天可以享受5~30分钟试用时长,登录后用户右上角会显示TRY徽标,可选择的节点带有“trial”字样; 高级版本: 您也可以升级为PRO专业高级版本,它是需要付费的,每天使用节点、时长、带宽没有任何限制,登录后用户右上角会显示PRO徽标,可选择的所有节点“trial”和“professional”没有任何限制,订阅价格为:¥14.8/月,¥138.6/年,定价根据汇率可能会有所浮动,请以官方网站展示的为准。 请放心,默认情况下并不会启用高级版本,除非您主动进行升级! ChatGPT web version master is an efficient, free, safe and stable magic online plug-in, which can break through the network blockade, freely browse various contents and resources of ChatGPT in an anonymous way, and avoid being tracked and monitored. ChatGPT Web Master is an efficient, free, safe, and stable scientific online plug-in, which can help users break through network blockade and access foreign websites and applications across borders. Users can easily access blocked websites and applications, including ChatGPT's social networking, entertainment, academic, news, e-commerce, games, video, music and other platforms in different fields to obtain more and wider information and resources , Improve the efficiency and quality of work and study. Specially serve for education, scientific research, games, news, foreign trade, cross-border e-commerce, overseas shopping and developers, solve the problem that ChatGPT cannot use the web page version and Internet acceleration tools, dedicated to Chrome kernel browser, and can access GPT-4, DALL at the same time .E2, Whisper, Alignment, and API products of OpenAI. It can be used with one-click installation, and the operation is simple, and you can access and browse after getting started. The best Chrome acceleration plug-in, which can help users increase the speed and regional restrictions of visiting websites overseas, and improve the efficiency of work and study! trial version: You can experience the trial version of TRY for free every day. It is free and does not require any payment. You can enjoy a trial period of 5 to 30 minutes every day. After logging in, the TRY logo will be displayed in the upper right corner of the user, and the selectable node has the word "trial"; Premium version: You can also upgrade to the PRO professional advanced version, which requires payment. There is no limit to the use of nodes, duration, and bandwidth every day. After logging in, the PRO logo will be displayed in the upper right corner of the user, and all the selectable nodes "trial" and "professional" have no Any restrictions, the subscription price is: ¥14.8/month, ¥138.6/year, the pricing may fluctuate according to the exchange rate, please refer to the display on the official website. Rest assured, the premium version is not enabled by default unless you actively upgrade!

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    June 11, 2023
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    Offers in-app purchases
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    3 languages
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    S11, G/F, Huagui Mall, Huagui Estate, 3 Huagui Road, Aberdeen 香港島, 香港 999077 CN
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    This developer has not identified itself as a trader. For consumers in the European Union, please note that consumer rights do not apply to contracts between you and this developer.


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