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May 18, 2021

No longer working

Hi! I've been using your application for almost a year now. I so greatly appreciate its usefulness but unfortunately the application no longer works :( I've tried uninstalling and re-installing it in an effort to "start fresh", hoping that it'd work, but unfortunately I still get adds on youtube. How do i mend this issue? Any assistance in this regard would be extremely appreciated

Jess Henryes

Nov 28, 2019

Can't install Ad Block

There is nothing in the universe more irritating than being stuck in a feedback loop while trying to install software. I've upgraded to the new Chrome, yet every page I open says I have to D/L Chrome. Page after friggin page. Also ... after spending almost a half-hour trying to acquire Ad Block and get to install it.
It's loop after loop with no progress.
So thanks for the time I will never get back


Jun 3, 2018

Turned to ransomware

On my ubuntu box it suddenly blocked a non marked site and insisted I needed to upgrade to see my very normal webpage. This has therefore been uninstalled from that machine.

Yu Kan “Ligma” Baws

Nov 9, 2017

YouTube Advertisement

Hi,I'm wondering if content creator on YouTube will profit off of this extension.Because I enjoy their content and want to support as much as possible.If people does not profit then this isn't the solution for me.
Best regards,
Sean Stewards

John Paul Logan

Jun 21, 2017

block some ads entirely

I have a site or two where the cat images actually get in the way of content and the large number of pages i go through on the site make x-ing out the cats tedious. there should be a way to block ads entirely by domain instead of replacing with cats. i love the cats on most of the net but a few pages don't like it


Mar 7, 2017

How does Catblock choose an image?

I'm trying to find a way to replace ads with custom images off Flickr that follow common advertising dimensions, but it seems like CB just chooses an image at random.

Is there something I'm missing? The biggest flaw of this extension so far is when it adds several rectangle cat images on top of each other where a banner ad would go.

P.S. Here's the flickr album.
I really want to replace all the ads with subliminal messages from the movie They Live.


Jan 14, 2017

Why does it not download

I went to press download but then the button kept on saying "checking..." and i want to download this but it wont let me. tip:if you are going to put something online for download, make sure it WORKS.

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