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Lukas Lin

Jun 10, 2024

display lag problem

there is a time lag approximately 5 secs when I am trying to play a Music Video and casting to Sonos. The video will play first then the sound goes out about 5 secs late. which makes me cannot enjoy the Music Video. I have upgrade to the Premium level. Hope there is a way to fix it, thank you.

Laptop browser: Chrome
Platform: YouTube
Sound: Sonos SYMFONISK

James Meza

Apr 21, 2024

Unable to find Sonos speakers

I have installed the extension and authorized access to my Sonos system. However, when clicking on the extension icon, only "Household1" is available, none of my Sonos speakers/rooms are. I have re-installed the extension, made sure no other programs are using the speakers, and reset my computer. As of now the extension is non-functional for me. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Arun Chandar

Apr 11, 2024

Casting just says "loading"

No matter what I try, when I go to cast, it just says "loading". Nothing else is running on my system and all speakers are active and turned on, on the same network.

patrick feracin

Oct 4, 2023


The cast is set in mono. Is there a way of casting in stereo ?

Benjamin Marcus

Sep 13, 2023

Cast to Sonos not in sync

When playing movies or music, the image on my chrome tab is not in sync with the sound being played by Sonos. Pausing one does not pause the other immediately - there is a delay, no matter which device or controller I use to pause or play. Restarting my computer, and reauthorizing the extension does not resolve the problem.

Daniel Massey

Jul 22, 2023

Cannot use extension

I have installed the Cast to Sonos extension, click authorize, enter Sonos credentials, click okay on "allow cast to sonos to control...", then absolutely nothing further happens. Dialog box disappears. Have cleared cache, shutdown all apps in Sonos system, rebooted all devices, computers, phones. Still same result. Advice?

Kobi Mor

Jul 17, 2023

Not even a basic operating instructions

How to start?


Jun 7, 2023

Static When Casting Audio

Hello - I only stream audio and often (more than not) the audio stream turns to static and is unlistenable. Is this a set up / user error issue or a bug? Thanks for the feedback. Love this option for casting to Sonos.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 6, 2023

URL scheme is not secure error

I love this extension, but I receive an error when trying to cast. "Failed to record tab. URL scheme for the specified tab is not secure." The site is indeed http rather than https which I presume is the problem. It is from a media server on my network instead of being exposed to the Internet, so I haven't bothered to secure it. Is there a way to permit insecure connections to be cast? Thank you!

Toady McFrogger

Nov 7, 2022

Extension broken?

Is there any problem with the extension at the moment? When I try to connect to my devices, it says Cast to Sonos - [ERROR_RESOURCE_GONE]

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