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Patrik Schiller

May 14, 2024

Casper not working, keeps loading

I just paid for my subscription, but Casper failed to summarize a single article for me as it just keeps loading without anything happening. I also accidentally clicked on cancel subscription, but I already paid, so I at least want to enjoy the benefits for this month, and if it works maybe longer. Please attend to this ASAP

Precious Onyedi-Madueke

May 8, 2024

Something is wrong!


I have used Casper for many months. First, my subscription was off for the month of May 2024, and I subscribed again. It keeps relaunching and it continues to show the old summaries on new tabs with different articles. I have just subscribed again and it would be a shame if I cannot use my subscription. Is there something I should be doing? or a new update? Thanks!

Sarah Schmidt

Dec 13, 2023


How can I cancel my subscription?

Chinwe Okpeku

Sep 30, 2023

Not working

Hi, Just added the extension but its not launching! Can't logging on

Ilham Akhsanu Ridlo

Jul 12, 2023


Halo, i want unsubscibe CASPER AI. Thanks!

md saif

Jul 4, 2023

I paid for $7 per month subscription. How to unsubscribe?

I paid for $7 per month subscription. How to unsubscribe?

Ali Güney Doğan

May 25, 2023

I charged twice

I subscribed with my card but it is charged me and after a minute charged me again. Basically I am charged for twice.

varun singla

May 18, 2023

not working

does it work at all? have not been able to start. just added extension. then nothing pops or does.

Hany Mansour

May 1, 2023

Amount deducted twice

Hello Jay ,
On April 19 Casper Ai kept prompting me to pay 15$ for the subscription i did and the amount deducted from my credit card however the NeXT day the same situation happened trying sole the problem i removed the extension to re login and the amount deducted again so i paid in two subsequent days and still asking me to subscribe please support

Misha Mironov

Apr 26, 2023

What is the max length of the text for summarization?

Hi there, the extension is cool! What's the max length of the text it can summarise? Can it happen that Casper only summarises first XXX symbols? Thank you

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