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joey marzilli

Aug 1, 2023

it ok

it ok but not good to

Chester Hitz

Sep 28, 2022

Is it possible to use just the Chrome extension?

Hi - I am an Android user and would like to use this app as a Chrome extension, but I can't seem to finish signing up as it gets me to the page to download the iOS app, which I cannot do. I can't seem to access my account and saves otherwise. Is there anyway to skip downloading the app?

Rick Greer

Aug 15, 2022

Distraction free mode and Site exclusion options

Hi! Please consider adding a "distraction free mode" option. The extension itself is awesome and solves a great problem.

However it at the same time adds its own distracting mental load that is worse for some of us than without it: (a) the Carrot overlay always appears when adding to cart and removes the ability to shop without it's interruption, along with (b) the red count (which should mean action is needed, which it isn't) on the extension badge, and (c) with the right-click context menu "Add to Carrot" the visual/hover "Add to Carrot" overlay on every image is also just visual clutter. I simply don't need to know or have Carrot constantly remind me it exists, and am happy with Carrot doing it's excellent work silently in the background.

Also useful would be the ability to exclude sites. Those that are shopped frequently can end up as more clutter. (Or we may not want to mix work with personal, etc.) But this is less essential as Select All->Remove isn't hard.

I added all these enhancements into an unpacked local copy of the extension, and it's been wonderful to use since -- all value with no detractors -- so figured I should mention it here, after testing it personally for a while. Thanks!

Saebina Ghoshal

Nov 18, 2021



Can you please add a help/suggestion/problem link on the homepage somwhere? Also, can you please add the brands Aerin and Sarah Flint to carrot? Thank you!

Rikki Goldenberg

Nov 4, 2021

Issue logging in

Hi There! My husband did some beta testing and shared with me a link to download carrot, too but I'm running into issues. I got the extension but when I try to add something, I get "please wait, signing in and creating your account." with no change.

Running chrome: Version 95.0.4638.69
Using a slightly older Mac: Capitan 10.11.6

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