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Clavenda Addo

May 25, 2024

linkedin optimization

The sidebar does not appear on my Linkedin profile although I have downloaded the chrome extension.


Mar 7, 2024

cant login

my password is not working.... and I am not receiving an email to reset (*****

Paloma Maristani

Nov 29, 2023

How to delete this account?

I did not find any of the features really useful but I noticed the amount of my data accessed and used is way too much. I want to delete my account and I can't find a way. Please guide me in deleting my data and account. Thanks

Rakhshanda Hassan

Oct 15, 2023

Cant open the career flow app

I have been using career flow, however, for last couple of days cant open the app. It prompts for few questions and I answered but still cant access the app

ceris sadzik

Aug 26, 2023

cancel premium?

How do I cancel premium? It is not at all clear!

Rajat Gupta

Aug 11, 2023

UI issue

I was using a different office website and there because of this extension the UI got distorted. After I disable the extension the UI is fine.
CSS causing the issue is select option with padding and height 3rem. Please check.

olaoluwa adebiyi

Jul 20, 2023

How to use the app

How to navigate through and optinize the app to upgrade my coer letter, resume and more

Saumendra Behera

Jul 19, 2023

how to use this extension in Linked in profile after adding in Google chrome

Kindly guide how to use this extension in Linked in profile after adding in Google chrome.

After install & adding this extension into google chrome it is not visible for use.

Pls guide

shamaila shehzadi

Jul 3, 2023

Linkid in optimization

Guide to get help from this toll about linkidin optimization

Zoubeir Mabrouk

Jul 1, 2023

Payed membership and not recognized in LinkedIn

Hi I already payed the membership and got a confirmation of booking and downloaded the features and necessary tools, ones I want to use the added extension tool, the system is routing me to the payment page!!! can someone help me to solve this issue?
By the way I do not see a premium badge on my profile!!!!

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