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Miss Glossy

Nov 10, 2023


It keeps on speaking evben when the video is paused, please fix!!!

lap nguyen

Oct 17, 2023

Thank you

Thank you very much. Looking forward to your Udemy project

lap nguyen

Oct 15, 2023

Read subtitles on Udemy

Thank you for developing this chrome extension, it works perfectly on youtube. Wish it worked on Udemy too


Oct 11, 2023

Make your sites other than Youtube work

Hello. Thank you for developing this chrome extension, it works perfectly on youtube. I am desperately looking to read Linkedin Learning video subtitles...


Oct 11, 2023


Speaker の部分を適切な言語と話者に設定の上、「Test」を用いて発話が可能であるかを確認したのですが、音声が再生されませんでした。クロームは最新版です。CaptionSpeaker を一度削除してから再度インストールしました。他に試せることはありますか?


Mar 2, 2023


Extension is very cool, but it is a pity that there is no more opportunity to choose a language of voice, such as Ukrainian. Also, it was not bad to use voice synthesis from, "Readme - Text to Speech Reader" - it copes very well.

Steve Lane

Dec 2, 2022

Stopped working

When I first tried caption speaker it worked great! Now I can't get it to work at all. The 'test' works. Captions are turned on in Youtube. But it won't do any speech or translation. Can you suggest how I can trouble-shoot this issue?


May 31, 2022


質問です。Youtubeに他の人がアップされている動画は音声読み上げされているのですが自分でアップロードをして、非公開設定にしている動画が読み上げされません。何か設定等があるのでしょうか? それとも非公開動画は非対応なのでしょうか? その動画を再生リストに入れて再生してもダメでした。お手数ですが、返信いただけると幸いです。

Ice Blast

Jan 17, 2022

Can you use the default voice in windows?

I would like to say, I really like your extension. I've been looking for something that will read subtitles on youtube videos for awhile now.

Can you use the default voice set in windows? I use the Ivona Voice Joey for everything, and it would be nice if this extension had this option.

Fenimore Cooper

Sep 19, 2021


Здравствуйте! Просматривая кино в You Tube, у меня не работает перевод расширения CaptionSpeaker. Подскажите, пожалуйста, как его активировать? И может ли это расширение включаться автоматически?

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