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Robert B

May 10, 2021

Is there a way to make it so a database is developed through the use of the extension?

So, here's my idea for possibly making camp explorer better, and this might or might not be possible depending on your goal, but could you, in theory, have it so the extension is activated when on bandcamp, and than indexes the bands and albums that a user clicks on?

A way to chart bandcamp, along with the fetching system you have now?

Mark Grabow

Mar 10, 2020

Camp Explorer Error Message "unable to reach server at the moment. retrying..."

Has not been able to connect in over a day. I use it every day and it has been one of the most valuable extensions and tools I've ever used and I really hope it can start working again! Any information is appreciated! Thank you so much for your service.

Justin Grathwohl

Mar 29, 2018

Collection search only

Would be cool to be able to search just in your collection for tags. Very handy with large collections.

Joel Stephenson

Apr 24, 2017


how do you remove tags from the search please?

Kim Åke

Feb 18, 2016

Does not work very well

Hi, thanks for the super useful idea with this extension.

Too bad it mostly does not work. Given any combination of two tags for example, the program has trouble reporting more than just a few results.

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