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bulletproof2kAug 19, 2022

Does not work...

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Valentin BlanchardMar 19, 2021

Works perfectly in 2.0, at least with my tags. Thank you for your work!

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Christoffer BrobäckMar 2, 2018

i'm experience the same thing as shawn stnicky, though i think i might give an example; to progress further development. i put in "mannheim" and "power electronics" only one ressult "" shows up, the label that's located in manheim germany has many more realeases with does two taggs. for example: "" and " Show more

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Andreas WilcoxDeveloperMar 6, 2018

Hi Christoffer, Thanks for the very detailed description, it helps a lot! Sadly, it's an issue without a solution because your theory is completely right, the app does not have all Bandcamp albums. I do not have direct access to Bandcamp's database so I have to use what available data I can get my hands on, where the maximum I can get is around 4000 albums for a tag. So the app can never be an exhaustive source for all possible albums, it will always just be a way to get a sample of tag combinations.

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Moloko PlusFeb 8, 2018

Hi, Andreas! The extension is really helpful and easy to use. Five stars definitely. I'd love a feature to exclude certain tags. For example, if I put in "grunge" tag I'd like to have possibility to exclude bands which have "stoner" or "sludge" alongside "grunge" in their tag set. And a sort by date feature would be cool too.

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Andreas WilcoxDeveloperFeb 19, 2018

Hi Moloko, Thanks! I think it's a good idea, I've already got that request before by someone else as well. But it'll have to wait as I don't have the time to work on Camp Explorer at the moment.

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Jackson KeatingJan 19, 2018

This is awesome. Would love a feature to sort by date. I think bandcamp might support this already so it might not be difficult. i.e.

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Andreas WilcoxDeveloperJan 23, 2018

Happy that you like it! I've had several others request the same feature and it's not super tricky so might be a good idea to add it. But currently I don't have time to implement it so it'll have to wait a while.

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Shawn SetnickyNov 27, 2017

Doesn't work. I put in 2 tags.. it returns one search result and it's not what I wanted.

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Andreas WilcoxDeveloperNov 29, 2017

Hi Shawn, I'm not sure I get what issue you're having, in what way does it not do what you wanted? What two tags did you put in and what did you expect?

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Joss SSep 29, 2017

Didn't return results for very common tags. I was able to find items with both tags whereas the extension could not.

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Andreas WilcoxDeveloperNov 22, 2017

Hi Joss, I've finally pushed out a 2.0 update that drastically improves search results, check out if it works better for you now.

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Lidia MJun 1, 2017

You write two obvious tags together, and it doesn't work. Usage explanation is really bad "just type the words you want to use". But it doesn't work. And if you add comma separated tags, it doesn't work either. So tags with several words on them doesn't work.

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Andreas WilcoxDeveloperJun 12, 2017

Hi Lidia, Sorry if the usage isn't clear. You add one tag at a time, put the tag in the field and press add. Repeat for each tag you want. Multi-word tags are separated by dashes and not commas, for example heavy-metal and not heavy,metal. I'll make sure to update the description to make it more clear.

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Marcin GorkaAug 25, 2016

Seems useful, but search results are unreliable. For example, search for 'creative commons' with 'electronic' yields no results, while I have many positions in my library tagged with these two tags, so I know for a fact that they exist :) Creator's approach is commendable (bandcamp cataloguing and search SUCKS and we know it - anything that lets us search easier is great), but probably it's impossible to implement a reliable multi-tag search while bandcamp doesn't support it. [Edit], okay, ... Show more

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Orson ChandlerJul 28, 2016

Thank you so much for this!! Seriously how long will Bandcamp go on without implementing something like this.

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