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Erdenee DRAY23

Feb 29, 2024

Keep asking to sign in and not working

Keep asking to sign in after opening new tab


May 1, 2022

Sound Widget Silence

The sound widget does not work? Uninstalled and reinstalled extension, yet the sounds still does not work on the extension's widget itself. Sound functioning on but NOT on extension.

Statira Prs

Jan 4, 2022

some tips

I like your extension and I wanted to say a few things to edit it. One is that you can in the section: My Pictures / Upload Pictures so that the user can personalize the photos and move them according to their taste. Secondly, sometimes the speed of changing photos is very fast. Third: Some photos get too close to the monitor screen and zoom in. Fourth: Photos where the characters are standing are shown in half. thanks

az rt

Oct 5, 2020

الشريط العلوي ليس ازرقا

الشريط العلوي ليس ازرقا و انما شفافا و انا اردت ازرقا كالنسخة القديمة

Ione Hofer

May 24, 2020

deletion of chrome

how do i delete calm. it wont let me on facebook

Lily Rourk

Nov 22, 2019


it will not let me add it again and i un downloaded it an tryed to get it again but it didn't work.

Jess Yang

Sep 20, 2019

Weather widget Not working on Microsoft Chromium based Edge

Hi, the extension works great on MS Edge and the Date Widget too.
But Weather widget is not working at all, showing nothing when inserted.
Hope this is easy to fix.
Thanks for the great work!

Milo Smith

Apr 11, 2019

sound widget

there should be a button were you can turn on your sound widget

Milo Smith

Apr 11, 2019

cant work sound widget

how do i turn on my sound widget

Jennifer T

Aug 24, 2018

12 Hour Time?

Love it so far, switched from momentum since you can customize for free here. Can we have a 12 hour option? I see it in the settings, but even when i check off 24 hour, it stays as 24 hour. And i agree with the other comments on location, mine isnt right either so its a little off. Other than that I am happy with it!

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