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Patrick Brassinne

Feb 29, 2024

mes deux adresse mails sont traquées

Impossible de créer un compte impossible d'activé vpn je viens de payer 39 euros pour rien

Anne Gavin

Jun 20, 2022

Calm - a program that allegedly helps one sleep.

I was on the site looking at the program, but I knew it would be worthless for me, considering I have not slept without chemicals in 40 years. The next thing I knew a charge of $69.99 had been debited from my account. I believe it's called "theft." I did not make the purchase and I demand a refund ASAP! Please refund my money as I never wanted the program. I was just looking at it and had no idea that the website was rigged to steal money from customers who were just "window shopping." Call me asap!

Anne Gavin
5072 Mineral Spring Rd.
Suffolk, VA 23438
(757) 837-7829

Wi Pi

Aug 15, 2021

"Nature" button doesn't work

"Nature" button opens
The page does not contain any scene. Just a solid color background and the top menu.

Nancy shadley

Feb 24, 2021


There must be a way to contact you but I can not figure out how. I want to cancel the calm app that I did not intentionally order. I would also like a refund for the $76

Nancy shadley

Feb 24, 2021

I did not intentionally order this app and would like to cancel and get a refund.

I did not intentionally order this app and would like to cancel and get a refund

Candida Simmons

Jul 6, 2020


I had the app on my phone for Calm, I do not use it, did not want to upgrade and have no idea if this was a free app or a trial period, I have spent a lot of time trying to understand the directions to stop this..I have uninstalled the app but does that mean i have eliminated the problem? I have pretty much followed every direction and gone to every link listed and cannot get an answer that I am able to perform. Does not give info as to my status as a trial person or just have the app. Whatever the bottom line is I do not use the program nor want it..since i have deleted the app itself I cannot go back into it, but it did not contain the info stated in directions to end it. Please let me know where I stand with with as I am no longer calm due to the frustration of trying to fix this complicated unsubscribing of a possible trial period. Thank you,

Conscious Minds Hypnotherapy

Feb 2, 2020

Too many breaths

Hey there,

I have my settings set to 7 breaths, and sometimes it works but other times it just keeps going and doesn't give me the option to proceed. What am I doing wrong?

Christia Mosch

Sep 16, 2019


stellen genau

JS Lavertu

Jul 17, 2018

503 error


When I try to access any website blocked by Calm, I get a 503 error:

"503 Service Temporarily Unavailable"

I'm assuming this has to do with your website directly.

Is there any fix?

Leslie M

Jan 23, 2018

Cannot click on Icons

Both the Sound and Mountain Icons are not working. I can no longer choose the nature background. It worked the day I installed it (yesterday) and today it stopped working. I deleted it off of Chrome and re-installed and it is still happening. :(

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