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Amy LO

May 17, 2021

Nearly no display

Only display the task bar row: "Project, Edit, Tools, Help" all below is a grey background. Or prompt out some words while the mouse is moving. What shall I do?


Aug 11, 2020

Helping with parnets..

i wanna try to tell my mom to see this app but, we will figure it out that we going to see something it's just work...I will be making my 1st song, A Liar Secret..Not today! Coming soon..if i try to do with LMMS but, idk my mom will be figure it out and me too

cecilia lerma

Jul 1, 2019


no puedo abrir el programa por favor ayudenme

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 26, 2018


no puedo habrir la aplicacion

Bin Desopilacadora

Jun 21, 2018

je n'arrive pas a ajouté l'extension


je n'arrive pas a ajouter l'extension a chrome.
j'ai beau cliqué sur " ajouté a chrome" rien ne se selectionne.

avec vous un conseille svp?


Willie Stewart

May 5, 2018

No midi support

Midi input doesn't seem to work from the chrome extension out of the box. If I try to change the device in the settings from the dummy device, my changes won't take. That's a deal breaker for me when it comes to using this extension.

Bouaoun Mohamed

Feb 11, 2017

Affichage de l'extension

J'ai ajouté l'application, mais l'extension n'a pas été affichée .

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