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Sandip KC

Feb 28, 2023

Shortcut keys

I would love to have shortcut keys for AC button.


Oct 2, 2022

Suggest additional features

I want to know how many % increased between number and number.
You can use it to calculate the rate of increase in sales, salaries, etc. from [ ] to [ ].

What happens if the number 10,000 turns into 25,000?
= 150% increase

PS I am not good at English. I hope you can understand this article.

Jeremiya Mayers

Nov 29, 2021

Problem with copying from the Calc

When I copy the result with the symbol "," - the result is inserted anyway with the symbol "." I changed the symbols in the settings, it didn't help, it just changes the appearance in the pop-up.


Feb 25, 2021

Fails to open

Have used it all day without problems now it won"t open


Dec 8, 2020

знак вопроса

Серьёзно?! Вы решили заработать, облачив примитивнейший тестовый пример для школьников непрограммистов в "material design" и поместив его в браузер?!..

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