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Luiz Carlos Bartolossi

Jun 19, 2023

Brazilian Portuguese translation

Hi. Awesome App. May i contribute with an Brazilian Portuguese translation to give back your kindness of made it open source?

Максим Полищук

Jan 1, 2023

How to disable autostart when chrome running?

Sometimes I need open chrome without buttercup but every time I should close opened window

Charles Heltzel

Jan 21, 2021

Autologon not working on some sites

I cannot get the autologon to work on some of my banking sites. The Buttercup logo does not appear near the Id and Password fields.

Occurs on Ubuntu 20.10 using Chrome, Chromium and Firefox browsers (all at current versions).

Bax De Riv

Sep 3, 2020

Trouble with Google Drive

Since the update of google drive there is no longer the possibility from the browser to open the vault. There is always an error message "Failed unlocking archive".
Unable to unlock archive (ddc24b3b-4bd6-4e2c-994d-4ddccf4193be): Unlocking archive source (ddc24b3b-4bd6-4e2c-994d-4ddccf4193be) failed: Failed unlocking source: Failed fetching Google Drive vault: n.refreshToken is not a function".
Even after the vault has been reset, the problem comes back.
On the desktop version there is no problem.
Thanks for watching

Aurélien DAVID

Sep 11, 2019

Close automaticelly chrome

Everytime I unlock the vault on chrome it stop the browser. it's a kind of annoying...
Can you help me ?


Jun 21, 2019

New Entry

After adding new entry, it saves but when i lock and then unlock it doesn't appear..

Alabazter Al

Nov 29, 2018

Unable to save user & password

I got error code 400 (authentication problem) when I'm trying to save my ID. I use Dropbox integration. Please help..

Tiziano Formica

Nov 5, 2018

Add archive from dropbox

when i try to add a archive from dropbox, in window "Choose or Create Vault" i see only the loader.
i see in ispector the call xhr with status 200.

Honza Pelikán

Jul 14, 2018

Automatic startup

since last updates Buttecup in every Chrome launch automatically open new tab to Unlock archive. That's a unwanted behaviour, at least for me. Is it possible add an option to enable or disable this feature?

Cori Haws (Stealthbird97)

Nov 28, 2017


There is no nextcloud option for sync in the extension, like there is in the desktop and mobile aps.

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