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Ranjeet Jones

Jun 15, 2024

Fix your MTA

You've been dropping all traffic with nonsensical "454 4.7.1 Relay access denied" errors for months and you deleted your support address entirely.

frankie louise

Oct 18, 2022

Can't log in

I can't log in using the browser extension - I put in email and pass and nothing happens. Then if I try got log in on desktop I can't access the webstie at all. I can't the site can't be reached, check proxy servers etc I can't trouble shoot this at all - no idea what to do. I am a paying member and this happens all the time, to the point I can't use it. I fixed it once to be able to access desktop but can't recall how. I try other browsers and same blocks.

jas singh

Jan 23, 2021

Permissions for this extension are very scary

The permission popup says this extension can
'read and change all your data on the website you visit' and
'modify data you copy and paste'
That is very broad and very uncomfortable. The ALL YOUR DATA is a scary term.
There are so many possible mis-uses of a permission like this and I want to understand what I'm signing up for.

What if this extension decides to read our emails or collect credit card numbers or other sensitive information from the websites we browse on? I'm not saying you will do it, but we live in a crazy world.
Please clarify the data collection/usage and set your permission level to only what is minimally needed.

Salvatore Zamarripa (Salvatore Lends)

Aug 7, 2019

Deal Tags - Temp email addresses

Hi, i currently use hubspot as my CRM, when i send emails to clients it logs into the CRM automatically. What i would like is to create an email alias for each of my clients. So when im sending email to others regarding that client and not my clients directly, it still gets logged in under their profile.

Is this possible with your service?

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 21, 2018

can only read page one

I can only read page one of 'Submitted by Other Users' Chrome feedback for this extension.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 21, 2018


On each visit to a webpage it generates a unique email address, could you make an option to re-use the first burner address? I realise I could 'copy to clipboard' but I have many 'burners' and would have to scroll through all of them.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 19, 2018

Burner - Free Phone Number

Hi, Am wondering what happened to this extension?? cant find it anymore?

siva sai kumar reddy

Jul 9, 2018

not able to generate

it worked only once for me and then when i was trying to generate others nothing is happening


Jul 5, 2018



Tyler Wallace

Jun 23, 2018

retrieve activation codes

Can I retrieve the activation codes that websites send to verify email addresses?

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