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Standard User

Sep 24, 2022

Downloading my data

Hello, is there a way to download all my notes?

Tony Lo

Mar 18, 2022

unable to upload epubs

I keep getting an error after it hits 100%. I can't read the entire message, but it says something like "A channel named"... and then the error message goes away but it seems like the upload failed

Tony Lo

Mar 18, 2022

Upload/connect website links?

Is it possible to just use a link to website/webpage as an "upload"? It seems this would be very user friendly. (If I understand correctly from one of your demos, I need to print/save the page as a PDF and then upload that. Those extra steps are quite laborious if want to upload a lot of info quickly. Nowadays, a lot of knowledge is collated in a series of bookmarks, which would be great if can import/upload.)

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