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Sarath Vavachan

Oct 26, 2018

Hey, You guys looking forward to sell the BulkResizePhotos website and Chrome App?

Hey, You guys looking forward to sell the BulkResizePhotos website and Chrome App? If Yes, Ping me. Let's talk business.

Monique MaMa

Aug 25, 2018

add resized

how can i add 1 foto from the downloaden zip file into a gmail ?
It always add's the whole sipfile and foto's aren't visible

jen oneill

Mar 23, 2018

Can't drag and drop images

I guess it's me. I can see the file of selected photos in the Download folder. I can move them over the box which says "Drag and drop images here", and the box turned green, with a tick. Then, the OneDrive file I've selected disappears, and I can't proceed. Not sure what to do. Sorry, it's probably something simple that I'm missing.

A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 19, 2018

order of images gets mixed up in zip download

Have been using 50% reduction for hundreds and hundreds of images several months back and worked fine. Now when the resized files are downloaded in the zip the order of the images gets jumbled up every time. I deleted the app several times and reloaded but did not have effect. Changed SD card but it was not the problem, images loaded off it into drive just fine.

Janet Arnold

Feb 17, 2018

cannot get it to work offline on chromebook

I have added the app on my chrome book (pinning it to the task bar) and it works wonderfully. But I have to access it with wifi turned on once each time I try to use it. Then I can shut off Wifi and it continues to work. I thought it was supposed to work after you used it once?

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 3, 2018

Resized Photos Black

When I resized my photos the all came back at 24mb and are all black. I did a group yesterday and it worked like a charm. Tried breaking todays into two groups, but the same thing happened...24 MB each and black.

David Hayes

Aug 13, 2017

Bulk Resize

Love software that actually works - fantastic I tried three others before - this is a winner - Dave Sydney

Anthony Banwell

Feb 8, 2017

Output images

have you thought about possible extending the output files to Dropbox/Google Drive/Box/FTP?

David Cohen

Oct 28, 2016

Exif rotation

This app seems to throw away EXIF camera rotation info in photos, which most photo management apps and services rely on to present pictures properly. Is this correct? If so, can it be fixed?

Becheru Dan

Sep 5, 2016


is there a way to preserve the image data (Date taken, Title, Tgs etc.)?

Thank you.

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