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Jonathan Hail

Nov 14, 2023

Bigger Image

Is there anyway to see a bigger version of an image before downloading it?

Jimmy Chen

Oct 19, 2023

Order the download as the selection grid

Is it possible to order the download based on what is shown in the selection grid? The default doesn't seem to follow any particular order which makes it hard to maintain the order of the images shown.

Wim Huygen

Nov 16, 2022

Some functionalities do not work anymore or behave differently

Since today, the following functionalities do not seem te work anymore :
- In the extension's menu, clicking "Right of current tab" to download images from multiple tabs, causes just to load the images from the current tab in the overview page.
- In general, loading images from multiple tabs in the overview page, has become only possible by clicking the "Current tab" menu item for each desired tab individually.
- The selection for the values for the file dimensions filter are always reset to the min and max value when the overview page is opened.
- By default, images that are loaded in the overview page, appear unselected, where in the previous version, they appeared selected.

Michael A.

Mar 4, 2022

Not currently showing downloadable images from all tabs

I've opened a bunch of images (mostly jpegs) in different tabs and want to save them, however, after selecting 'All tabs' the Bulk Image Downloader tab shows a pristinely white overview with zero images. Did something break recently?

Sam Clarke

Nov 28, 2020

Incorrect File Sizes

I downloaded from mass from my patreon and most images are cut off, any way to fix this?

Keith King (KKthebeast)

Jul 2, 2019

Downloader can't see "background images"

This site is for the summer camp we sent our kid to for way too much money, they are trying to be shady by disabling right click and trying to sell us copies of 10-100 images that are available if you spend the time getting them.

code sample
<div class="cmThumbnailImageWrapper" style="background-image:url(;"></div>

the site:

when you click on an image:


Mar 22, 2019

Not working!

It stopped working a few weeks ago. Shows no images no matter which "tab" option selected. When this extension works its the best. Please correct ASAP.

Dianne DeSha

Mar 1, 2019

I'm also having problems with Bulk Image Downloader :-(

As of about a week ago (?) the extension stopped working entirely. Using "Current Tab" suddenly opens up with no pictures of any kind at all. :(

This has been one of my favorite and most useful extensions over the past year and I'd love to see it fixed.

Smoothwater Tha Don

Feb 25, 2019

files not showing up to download

I've deleted your program because it wasn't downloading anything, click the current page to download and none of the jpegs were showing up even though the format was in jpg.

Bruno Cappa

Feb 10, 2019


Is there a way to write the exact size of the images, like: 1920x1080? Otherwise I find myself with dozens of multiple images.

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