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Nov 30, 2017


Doesn't seem to work with mantishub.
Can u do something about it ?
Thanx for your job !

Vincent Hanniet

Feb 3, 2016

Not working anymore

Thanks for having made this plugin. I'm a huge fan and user, however it does not work anymore since yesterday. Maybe a problem with the last Chrome update (48.0.2564.97 m) ?

Selena Deckelmann

Jan 29, 2016

Doesn't handle '`' in subject lines

The operation fails silently. Also fails on private bugs.

Works great otherwise!

Jon Baker

Dec 2, 2014

Unable to access bugzilla

Thanks for making this plugin! I am having trouble with it, though - when I go through the process to add a bug to Trello it just sits and does nothing. If I open the inspector I get the following response:

{"error":{"message":"You are not authorized to access bug #552. To see this bug, you must first log in to an account with the appropriate permissions.","code":102},"id":"http://[domain]/","result":null}

I'm assuming this is because my bugzilla install does not allow for non-logged-in users to access it, so is there a way to give my plugin credentials it can use?

April Cheong

Dec 12, 2013

Unable to authorize

I am unable to authorize this to access my Trello.

After I clicked on the Allow button when asked to authorize, it just redirect to a blank page.

Please help and thanks in advance :)

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