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Kevin Ashe

Mar 5, 2024

intermittent function

When it loads and works on it's GREAT! However, sometimes it just stops working and I can not determine a cause or a fix. hope you can help me! Thanks!


Dec 31, 2023

Data Loading, but nothing ever happens

The extension appears to be not working. It changes nothing on the amazon results page and when opening the app, it just claims to be loading and never actually loads. I really wanted this to work! Please fix! :)

Kayla Ghassemi

Apr 15, 2023

Doesn't work...Please help.

Upon downloading, it says, "loading data, please wait!" The data never comes. Please help.

Micah Smallwood

Jun 15, 2022

The Extension stopped working

I was scrolling through audible using this extension and it was working very well. Then all of a sudden, after an hour of using it, It just stopped working. Every audible book would say the same the "No rank". Is there anyway you could help me fix this?

Roberto accursio

Apr 22, 2022


Dopo aver inserito i parametri non carica,funziona solo su audible!

Marius Motorsport

Mar 22, 2022

bsr master

non m carica i dati, ho gia prvato a disinstallare e reinstallare ma niente.
come p[osso fare

Nigel Lavers

Jan 28, 2022

search results not coming up

"Loading data, please wait" is the message, and no results are showing on the Audible, Amazon KDP pages.

Keith Duescher

Jan 26, 2022

Keeps showing Loading Data ... Please wait. Never shows results.

Loading Data ... Please wait Other people are getting this problem as well.

Massimiliano Sampietro

Oct 11, 2021

Non funziona più

Buongiorno, non funziona + l'estensione? Era così comoda...

Ana Cortez

Aug 24, 2021

extension not working

It's not pulling any date and is just stuck on 'loading data, please wait!'

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