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Ariunbayar Baterdene

Jul 6, 2016

Didn't launch

Added to chrome
Have set the option
Restarted the browser
Made sure option is set
Pressed Ctrl+Shift+E
*Didn't launch
Removed and searching for another option

Dilawar Singh

Dec 29, 2015

Can't use keyboard shortcut

I tried `ctrl+shift+e` to edit, gvim is not launched. Its installed on my system. I also tried `/usr/bin/gvim -f -u NORC`. I am no chromium (no google-chrome).

Johannes Visintini

Oct 1, 2015

no real utf-8 support

I have the following problem: If I only use ASCII Chars, everything is working. If I use chars like ß,ä,ö,ü,... I got an utf-8 error (if I run chromium from command line).

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