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Alyssa S.

Dec 7, 2022

To-Do List Functionality

I can't find any documentation on how the To-Do List is set up, and assumed that setting a task as Daily meant that I could strike through it once in the day, and then the next day, it would be available to mark out again without me having to clear it, but the tasks I set as daily are still down at the bottom of the list marked out the next day. So, my question is, is it supposed to clear daily tasks automatically, or do they have to be renewed manually? Does it take a full 24 hours before that happens if it is automatic?

Additionally, it would be great if items that are monthly but have a deadline in the middle of the month sometime (say, the 14th or something) could be set to monthly/due on x day of the month, and the same for the weekly tasks, with weekly/due on x day of the week. If that is a feature already, I haven't figured it out just by using it, and as I said previously, I can't find functionality documentation on it.

Also, I wanted to ask if there's a way to change the various shortcuts that are done by default; for example, the Food tab has Burger King as the first shortcut, and I don't even remember the last time I ate their food, so having a shortcut to their website is kind of pointless for me. If there is a way to change it already, could the directions for it be made more easily available?

Thank you for your time,

kartikey nautiyal

May 3, 2021

S Sprint Option

Please add an option to edit the sites in S Sprint option that will be great cause that will help me not to overuse youtube and other sites .

Yves Tan Wei Zhi

Nov 27, 2020

Suggest Feature

Hi Dhanur,

I'm glad to find your app!

(I am not a developer) A silly questions here, all the data will be store at my own Google Cloud? Would that cost anything?

Would you add Pomodoro Timer in the future?

Would you consider make it available to embedded or sync with Notion?

Some personal feedback:
I would love to see daily quote on the dashboard (both normal and focus mode), small font perhaps... It is a bit weird that I have to click into the tools then only found daily inspirational quote from there...

And nothing else, just want to thank you for create such beautiful tool and make it available!

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