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Susie Thompson

Apr 8, 2024

how do i open the braavos app

wont let me open braavos app on desktop

Namiya N

Apr 8, 2024


why my wallet failed to upgrade my account , my version is v3.45.0 and my version mobile is same extension

Елена Привалова

Mar 4, 2024

Перевод на русский язык.

Здравствуйте, Скачала ваш кошелёк. Подскажите, пожалуйста, как сделать перевод на русский язык?

Andrey Vlasov

Feb 24, 2024

Не работает 2FA

Установил последние версии на телефон и в расширении браузера, но в расширении пишется, что "Passkey Signer is not supported on your device". Теперь я не могу совершить транзакцию и никак отключить 2FA


Feb 20, 2024

why i failed to upgrade my account?

it reads"failed to fetch"

Viktoria Grace

Feb 18, 2024

Restoring access to the wallet

Good evening. I have such a problem. I created my Bravos wallet in November 2022. I saved the seed. Then I didn't use my wallet. In April 2023, I opened my Bravos wallet with a safe password and created a mainnet address. Next, I used a wallet on the mainnet. In June 2023, I reinstalled Windows, installed the Bravos wallet and tried to restore it with the saved seed. But my main account didn't recover. Only the test address (Goerli) was restored - 0x0376208f6df3dd410d01d30824abdf7625274e00da01b8fc61070cb5eb41351c. The address on the test network was different from the address on the main network. In the main network, my address is: 0x00f63a8db343485a0f463a525236b327f1e7d7be492042699866b96b4470d7cc. I wrote to support in discord. But they didn't help me, they just said that I didn't update my wallet in time and that's why I lost access to it. However, I updated it when I started using it (April 7, 2023). All this time I can't regain access to my wallet. I tried everything: other browsers, installed a wallet on my phone, added 25 addresses. My main wallet is not recovering. Now my address is eligible for airdrop, but I can't pick it up. I'm sure about the seed because I only had 1 bravos wallet and I wrote down the seed. Checking everything, I noticed that the address of the test network that is being restored to me does not match the address of my main address. Also, when I add addresses on the main network, the first address I'm given doesn't match the test network address. Other addresses from 2 to 25 match. I believe that when I first created the main network address I was assigned a different address than the test one. So now I can't restore it. Also, the test address has test tokens, although I did not do any transactions with it until the last few days. I am asking for help to restore access to my account, because I believe that there was a malfunction in the work of the wallet when assigning the main address and now it is not restored for a seed. I really hope for your help.

Роман Сидоровв

Feb 14, 2024

Восстановление по приватному и публичному ключу

Приветствую. Возможно ли восстановить кошелек с помощью приватного и публичного ключа? Сид фраза безвозвратно утеряна. Спасибо.

King Pingz

Feb 9, 2024

2fa transaction signing issue occurs from just last couple of week

hello team when i try to do transaction on extension browser it shows click to sign in mobile and then i try to sign the transaction on my device [ phone ] it shows click to sign on extension. please help , i am unable to do any kind of transaction by this.

Shweta Joshi

Dec 7, 2023

wallet restore problem

I have problem with wallet restore. When i have entered recovery seed phrase its showing end point deprecated from version 0.12.3. What should i do?

Shweta Joshi

Dec 1, 2023

Wallet Restore

I have problem with wallet restore. When i have entered recovery seed phrase its showing end point deprecated from version 0.12.3. What should i do?

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