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David Gamer

Mar 14, 2024


quiero descargar extensiones en la webstore pero me sale un aviso en el cual se me informa que debo actualizar mi navegador pero cuando lo quiero hacer no me aparece la opcion

Vivian Schier

Jan 12, 2024

The game duh

So i was on the toilet playing boxel rebound and let out the juciest crunchiest loudest fart i had ever heard in my life and lookd back at my comuter screen and my jaw fell to the ground i had only one skin left on my skin options so after i cried and pooped for awhile i summoned my coroge to go send u this. yeah. FIX IT OR I WILL BE UNDER UR BED TONITE

Jack Booth

Nov 3, 2022

Scores reset

my boxel rebound and boxel golf has reset, this is really annoying because I had only recently surpassed level 33 and now have been bumped back to square 1

Sebastián Piazzoli

Aug 12, 2022

no sé

Hola,no puedo entrar al juego,me aparece "no compatible"¿qué debo de hacer?

Brian Seufzer

May 12, 2022

help me

i cant toggle to have full screen or off fast mode.

the peteyer

Apr 11, 2022

Can't download

Whenever I tried to download the game, my browser crashes! Can you please fix something? Thank you so much!


Feb 15, 2022

i reset the chrome

i reset the chrome and my boxelrebound levels all disappear, what can i do to get back it

Pilot 2254

Dec 15, 2021


I beat all levels but is there a problem why I have 99 points and all levels on 0,01 sec.? Pls Fix it.

gonzalo poletti

Dec 8, 2021


no inicia el lvl 40, se traba la aplicacion

Gidget BananaHead

Sep 25, 2021

stage 15 borken

stage 15 is borken i dont win at the win thing i just fall of and dont win pls help

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