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Sandu Rajapakse

Aug 13, 2018

Chome Dev Tools overly covers Bootstrap Viewport

When Chromes DevTools is open (which is likely for someone who is using this plugin, the windows height X width overlay appears on top of the Viewport info. Is it possible to allow changing the position of Viewport on screen?

Neel Avatar

Jan 18, 2018

Please Add Bootstrap 4

I used greatly this extension for bootstrap 3 but now while I am using this extension for bootstrap 4 design, it doesn't work for me.
I think the extension should be upgraded.

Jenny McClaine

Nov 23, 2017

Chrome on High Sierra OSX

It doesn't work, I don't see anything on window resize

Waheed Alsayer

Nov 4, 2016

Show N/A

What would be the problem if the popup shows a number but N/A instead of lg/md/...

Carl Olsen

Sep 16, 2016

Keep on after page load

I would really like it if it would stay on after a page load. clicking it every page load is a pain.

A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 4, 2015


considered switching colors between sizes...?
I believe it would improve visual feedback without having to read xs/sm/md/lg label...


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