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Jewel Bency

Jun 1, 2023

Can you make this for firefox

Can you please make the same extension for firefox, or make it into a website so that I can redirect it for new tab

bojan uvalić

Nov 25, 2021

say whaTa!!!!

radnja, u flekovano sve..
shove svee...


Oct 8, 2020

Day Counter

I searched for 30 minutes and this is the best "life counter" that exists. Both aesthetically and functionally, it does almost everything perfectly. I know this is old, but if you receive this message I have one enhancement you could make to this extension that would make it perfect.

Can you please add another piece of data underneath the percentage bar with only the days alive? The perfect example of what I am asking for is done in this extension here:

Like I said I love the set-up on your life counter. And I have no reason to expect you to do this for me, but if you get this message and still care about this 5 year old add-on, I would love if you could add a day counter right along with the current breakdown of statistics.

Either way you have the best one on the market (with the one I linked being your only competition). And trust me.. I searched and scoured for all of them.

merylù Germano

Dec 30, 2016


no funziona e grigio l'icona

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