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boom! – Declutter pages, improve readability

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Luigi Simoncini

Mar 25, 2018

permanent declutter

allow the automatic decluttering of previously visited pages in the same way as I did manually before, but with just one (or even zero) clicks


Dec 22, 2017

Incompatible with Amazon Prime Photos

When attempting to use the Amazon Prime Photos web site, I am immediately given the error, "You are no longer signed in. To continue, you'll need to sign in again." by the site. This only happens when boom! is enabled.


Apr 18, 2017

Text added to XML file display

When viewing an XML file, such as , text is added to the bottom of the page that clearly seems to be related to this extension.

rebecca tinkelman

Nov 27, 2016

Nothing happened

Added this to my browser and it did nothing whatsoever

A Chrome Web Store user

Nov 15, 2016


I tried Boom!, but NOTHING HAPPENS

Google apps