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Chris toph

Aug 30, 2018

Google Drive

A nice feature would be to able to save the bookmark file on Google Drive (or possibly to link it or sync it).
In order to open (read only) our own bookmarks from anywhere.

Chris toph

Aug 29, 2018

Open source

What about opening your source, in order the extension will be maintained over the coming years.

A Chrome Web Store user

Dec 26, 2017

Add some features

could you make the search box to stay visible when you scroll down? And as somebody else just said ad check boxes to be able to delete multiple bookmarks. An Excel export would not hurt either.You could make this extension more useful if you want to and if you listen to other people too.

Joanne Helperin

Mar 23, 2016

Ability to delete bookmark

Love the extension but would love even more the ability to delete a bookmark -- or even several at once. Also the ability to see how they are nested.

Ryan L

Aug 13, 2013

Excellent Extension - Can it get data from other devices as well

I want to get bookmarks from other devices as well - for example - a bookmark on my iphone doesn't seem to show up - but I do see it under bookmark manager. Maybe it is stored in another table in the chrome profile? Thanks!

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