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GameOfThrones byRTP

Jul 20, 2021

please really fix it by readding previous chrome version support

please really fix it by readding previous chrome version support

crypne MarcoBorner

Jun 3, 2021

È necessario Chrome versione 77 o successiva

È necessario Chrome versione 77 o successiva

please avoid it, it worked fine until now. readd support

ВАСЯ пупкин

Jan 7, 2020

Предложение для такого прекрасного расширения!

Здравствуйте! У меня пара новых предложений. 1. Добавьте в настройки возможность поменять иконку в тулбаре на произвольную картинку. 2. Добавьте в настройки возможность выбрать (указать) папку для отображения закладок только из нее. Заранее спасибо!

Nir Melamoud

Nov 27, 2019

pre-defined keys shortcuts


its a great addition to my chrome, Im using so far SiteLauncher speed dial addon, which has similar functionality, but less nicer UI, with some sizing limitations.

the one feature that I like a lot in SiteLuncher that you do not have is the ability to assign letter (or number) to a bookmark, VS in your addon it automatic assignment, by order, so its harder to remember

what I want is the ability to click ALT-B than 's' (for example) to get to my shopping bookmark, or something like that, vs a much slower process in your app, when I need to click alt-B than space , look for the shopping page, see that it is 'a' or '5' and click 'a' or '5' ,

can you add a way to pre-define it, to make it much faster selection ?

Scott Adams

Sep 27, 2019

Saving Bookmarks Hotlist daat upon Chrome reinstall

Will Boppokmarks Hotlist retain my saved webpage urls if I reinstall Chrome?

Juan Simón

Jun 23, 2019

Any way to open the bookmark in foreground tab?

Any way to open the bookmark in foreground tab? In this moments, it opens in a background new tab.

Olexandr Perepiiaka

Apr 24, 2018

Minimalizm mode

Can you add ability to make your menu have minimalistic style? Like this: Or create other similar extension?

ВАСЯ пупкин

Apr 30, 2017

И, повторюсь.

Добавьте возможность убирать цифры полностью.
Чтобы оставались одни фавиконки.

ВАСЯ пупкин

Apr 30, 2017


Сделайте, как у всех:
при клике левой кнопкой открытие в текущей вкладке,
средней- в новой.
Причем на выбор- в фоне или нет.

Olexandr Perepiiaka

Apr 26, 2017

MIME-encoded chars problem

If some bookmark url contain MIME-encoded chars like:

this extension open this bookmark url like this:

Mistake mime-encoding from (%) char to (%25) chars

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