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Nick Riches

Apr 4, 2024

ALMOST what I need

This does a great job at finding duplicates. But it does not help me. I have duplicates galore (I don't know how or why - something to do with the syncing process). Currently it seems that I need to select the duplicates I want to remove. But I have well over 1000 duplicates. It would take me hours to manually select these. What would be absolutely fab is to have an automatic way to remove these, e.g. just press a button and you remove all duplicates bar the first. Am I missing something here? (P.S. I notice that someone else has raised this issue below).

Antonio Costa

Sep 28, 2023

Add option to open saved links in another tab (always)

AFIK, Chrome does not have an option to open bookmarked links in another tab by default ( .

In this same URL you find that if you change the URL of the bookmarked item to`URL`); it will work fine.

So, how about you add this option in you great extension ? :)

Arthur Metherall BHCC

Mar 14, 2023

Page Unresponsive

Looks like it would be great tool.

BUT bookmark select/unselect is extremely slow, along with 'Remove all selected', and re-clicking 'Find duplicated bookmarks'

The following error is seen a lot of the time while trying to continue to action:

Page Unresponsive
You can wait for it to become responsive or exit the page
Bookmarks clean up
Wait Exit page

Thomas Motley

Jan 27, 2023

"Select in same folder"

It's not clear what this is supposed to do, and clicking on it doesn't do anything that I can see. Could you explain?


Oct 29, 2022

Please add "select all duplicates"

I feel that without this option the extension is not really worth it; could be really helpful with this option though! Thanks

Michael Data

Sep 1, 2022


When I'm trying to find duplicate bookmarks your program crashes.


Jun 30, 2022

Would be nice if it can find broken URLs BY FOLDER, thanks!

For those who has a lot of bookmarks, this would come handy. Thanks!

Matt Wilson

Jun 5, 2022

Select All Duplicates

Is there an option to select all duplicate bookmarks? I have thousands of duplicates which is too many to go through. Perhaps you could add it to a future version?

Konrad Sikorski

Apr 14, 2022


a nice little QoL change would be to switch from an "exclude folders from search" to an "only scan in selected folders".

Chuck Baggett ChuckBaggettWeb (ChuckBaggett web)

Apr 12, 2022

Does this or is this supposed to work in the Chromium based browser Vivaldi?

Does this or is this supposed to work in the Chromium based browser Vivaldi?

I've installed it and run it but it hasn't deleted anything although it seemed to. The duplicates get moved to a folder name "Trash".

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