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Gary Cully

Dec 15, 2022

This app re-"organized" my bookmarks

I wish I could figure out how to test /try this app w/o the results described here ...After c;licking the app's icon, it scrambled by bookmark folders ... I lost about an hour fixing the scrambled bookmark folders... I think it also may have hidden the bookmarks toolbar...the documentation provided in the store's main page is not adequate (at least for me) ... also it would be helpful to indicate that scrambling the folders may result from the app's use ... I will delete the extension...saddened that it's working for me.

Gary Cully

Dec 15, 2022

Where's the folder?

Cannot find this date folder in my Bookmarks url ... looked and looked ... no such folder
... Suggestion is to provide better how to use documentation ... at this point I"d usually remove the extension

John Knox

Jul 23, 2022

List the date bookmarks were added

Does your extension actually show the date bookmarks were added or does it only sort them by date?

Joel Borres

Aug 7, 2019

How to sort existing bookmarks by date added?

Please provide a video on how to use this extension

A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 17, 2018

It doesn't respond

What activates your extension? I tried to change my bookmark sequencing by clicking your icon, but nothing happened at all. My bookmarks are still arranged by name.



A Chrome Web Store user

Aug 17, 2018

sort by date

How does it work?

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