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Les Spangler

Apr 3, 2024

"Remove" does not work

On each bookmark there is the list of tags and then a grey "edit" button followed by a red "remove" button.
This remove button does not work for me.

Edwin Bradford

Apr 1, 2024

Spaces in folder names and wildcards

First of all, this extension is genius, there is nothing else that comes close, thank you.

Next, the Help link in the Actions menu appears broken, it returns an ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND message.

Lastly, folder names can be added as search terms by selecting them (which is excellent) but a folder name with spaces is added to the search field with the spaces. If the folder is called "/Microsoft Xbox 360" the search term is "/Microsoft Xbox 360" which will search for all folders starting with "/Microsoft" that have bookmarks containing "Xbox" and "360".

I believe the search term should be (displayed as) "/Microsoft*Xbox*360" which will search for all folders starting with "/Microsoft Xbox 360".

hari youtube

Oct 30, 2023

#2 and #2k and #2000 are not different, but they should be !

When I search for #2 , I do not want to see bookmarks with tag #2k, but they show up too. Isn't this is a bug?

NW Social

Nov 27, 2022


How do I add tag to a page? thanks

Aj Mash

Aug 30, 2022

great extension!

but what is the hotkey to open it?

Deepak Malik

Aug 23, 2022

Use existing folder structure as initial set of tags.

When installing the extension for the first time, it can ask if you want to create tags for the existing folders. My reason for installing this extension is sometimes a bookmark should be part of two separate folders. That's where the concept of tags come in.

So essentially I need certain bookmarks to be tagged with two category-tags rather than copying them to two folders. But I have about 50 bookmarks right now and I don't want to go and start creating tags. Maybe using the existing folder structure to create initial set of tags can be used.


Aug 19, 2022

Search bookmarks by folder

How do I find all bookmarks in a specific folder in order to add bookmark. I can't seem to figure it out. I've tried using folder title. Searching for a file in the folder and using path name to file without file name. No luck so far. Any help would be much appreciated.


Aug 6, 2022

Selection check box

After filtering for duplicates or when you would like to add tags to only some of the currently found set it would be great if you could add a check box so that actions could be performed on just the selected files. Thanks!

Thala Star

May 20, 2022

importing tags

Hi, ¿does this support importing tags from a firefox json? will?

Andrea Del Chiaro

Nov 16, 2021

Tag delete not working

Actio-> remove tag from all is not working for me.

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