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David Phelps

Oct 18, 2023

Support for Arc Browser?

Hey there,

I recently switched from Chrome to Arc browser. So far, I can't seem to get the Bookmark Search extension to "trigger" within Arc. I love Bookmark Search and would love a way to continue using it within Arc.

Any ideas?



iPod Animates

Oct 15, 2023

Web gravity

Hey Alvin what happend to web gravity?

William Grymuza

Apr 18, 2023

JavaScript Bookmarklets is not working as expected

I have the following javascript bookmarklet:
javascript:window.location.assign('https://' + window.location.hostname + '/_ui/common/apex/debug/ApexCSIPage');

This basically opens for me a developer console window from currently open Salesforce instance, as I work with several of those in my line or work.
Bookmarklet works, when I open it by clicking on it from bookmarks menu, but it doesn't act at all with used through your extension (I'm using BM<space> trigger to start it off).
Any ideas? Support for javascript is already ticked, but it didn't make any difference (other than not asking for it to be enabled again)

Amazon Bookmarks

Feb 8, 2023

Question .vs. @bookmarks

Hi I use and appreciate this extension. One question, how does this differ from native chrome://bookmarks/q=%s?

Nikky Shah

Apr 11, 2022


Hi, the extension's address bar search function doesn't trigger on Vivaldi 5.2.2623.26 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

Any known solutions?

Frank Skare

Apr 9, 2021

Suggestion for a more intelligent bookmark search algorithm

I would like to suggest a more intelligent bookmark
search algorithm:

Search the beginning of the bookmark title and show
the result on top, if nothing is found search in the
middle of the title, after that search the beginning
of the URL, after that the middle of the URL.

This is much more than a little improvement, the
current algorithm is so bad that it's not usable
at all, this is true for both the omnibox bookmark
search and also for the bookmark search in the
bookmark manager.

Jos van der Sanden

Feb 15, 2021

Keyword BM doesn't work

First of all, thanks for this extension. I really liked it and was using it every day. But since a couple of days the BM keyword doesn't work anymore for me. When typing this, it doesn't use the extension anymore to search. What am I doing wrong?

Anand Sunku

Jan 21, 2021

folder found info

Hi, can you include
- folder the link was found ..
- recent link on the top
so that it is easy to locate and browse

Andrew Taub

Oct 6, 2020


No issue, just trying to figure out if it's possible to display the book mark name somewhere? I connect to a lot of sites that use IP addresses rather than domain names. I'd like to see the book mark name someplace, even if it's a mouse over. I know that's a odd request.

Mr. Lance E Sloan (UMich)

Apr 7, 2020

JavaScript support doesn't work

I wanted BM to activate a JavaScript bookmark. It warned me that I hadn't enabled JS support. So I went to the BM options and enabled it. When I tried again to activate the same JS bookmark as before, nothing happened. I didn't see anything significant in the browser console, either.

Any suggestions? Does Chrome need to be restarted after enabling JS support in the extension?

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