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Hans Hassler Castro Vega (EnderNyktos)

Apr 20, 2024

Doesn't all the width of my screen

There's some empty spaces when I open the new tab

Shahram Maralani

Apr 3, 2024

Are you going to develop this further?

Will you develop Papaly further? I see no developments since years. You have a great tool. Why you do not continue with further marketing and development of it? I would be happy to discuss if I could provide you with some ideas on how you could develop your solution further given new capabilities from GenAI for example.

Kisstock Connect (KISSTOCK)

Dec 27, 2023

Need more than 7 columns

Hi ,
Just a recommedation to enable more than 7 columns for 4k resolution.


Jun 23, 2023

Login problems

After logging in, I get a message that says "We're sorry, but something went wrong." and the bookmarks never show. It's been 2 days like this already.

imprsv waterbrush

Jun 7, 2023


it doesnt work with russian ip ?

Luis Romén Sánchez Vadillo

Apr 6, 2023

Papaly maintenance

Hello, Im an user of your marvellous Papaly. As other people, the failure was a nightmare. I only say you: thanks a lot for your app and the huge effort that you and your team could me made for resolve the issues and bring it back again. I appreciate it a lot, and thanks for the new "offline" setting.


Apr 5, 2023

Offline for maintenance

Hi There,

When you gonna fix this issue? Can you please fix ASAP, we are addicted your extension and can't work without it anymore :/

Error message:

Offline for maintenance
This app is undergoing maintenance right now.

Please check back later.

Simon Branger

Apr 5, 2023

Update about end of maintenance ?

Can you update the situation about the maintenance ?
Without access to my bookmarks, I can't work on some subject.


Apr 5, 2023


kdy bude hotovo

Jose Roa

Apr 4, 2023

papaly is not refreshing

All my links disappeared I'm getting the refresh error taking too long,

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