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Mark Pyman

Sep 30, 2023

Drop down menu time

Excellent app but could I request in settings that you give the option to extend the time the drop down menu is displayed? It usually disappears before I find my bookmark and I have to do it twice each time which is quite annoying. Thanks

Peter Scott

Apr 27, 2022

Add a PayPal support link!

This has saved me loads of time over Chromium's hard to reach bookmarks! I couldn't find a link to support you. I suggest you set one up.

David Richard

Nov 24, 2021

Permission of use for source

I would like to have your permission to use your source for my own implementation of this simple Bookmarks Menu Icon.

Brad Rush

Nov 2, 2018

Bookmark menu & search

Used to be able to open bookmark menu on a new page by right-clicking on star & then search bookmarks.
Can't do that now.


Aug 15, 2018

disappeared with all my saved places

The star was gone and then when I placed it back on the bar, there are none of my saved websites...and I need them. What what what????

Yes, I'm freasking out


Feb 6, 2018


1- support middle click for opening in new tab
2- if possible, have an option to move the icon to the left and have it replace the useless home button ;)

Nice work anyway, thanks for this !

Detlef Paschke

Apr 13, 2017

Search in Bookmarks

Can a search line be installed? Then the addon would be perfect.

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 11, 2017

Wishlist ;-)

Hi & thank you for the nice plugin!

Could you please add an option to hide the system folder "bookmarks bar" and it's contents from the menu? I like to see only the "further bookmarks".

In addition it would be very nice, If you add an option for showing a first line like "Bookmark Manager" in the menu (with a seperator). One click will launch the bookmark manager of chrome.

And after all... the folder symbols could be a bit nicer ;-)

THX again!
bYe Andi

Izabela Ozga

Mar 19, 2017



It is possible to add option that allow to user opening this extension by using keyboard shortcut?

John Harvey

Oct 18, 2016

Cannot uninstall, reason being homescreen won't show Only INCOGNITO SCREEN

I'm having trouble w/ the ext. It seems I cannot disable the ext, NOT THIS EXT but the other one you offer. The auto refresh blocker. Please send me directions at
I can only get 'incognito mode' onscreen, nothing else will come up when I click on the tabs which are open on normal home screen. It won't show. That's why I need to disable auto-refresh. B/c it just started as soon as I downloaded your extension.
Thanks, John Harvey

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