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Corky Akins

May 10, 2024

Where did duplicates go?

The app did a great job of moving the duplicates, but now I cannot find them.

Hans Castorp

Apr 15, 2024

"Move Bookmarks to Dupes" not working?

Deleting bookmarks works flawlessly, but the other button "Move Bookmarks to Dupes" ist greyed out when pressed, but does nothing.

John Chota

Aug 9, 2023

Running this extension

I do not see any way to run this extension, other than to open it's details, clicking Extension Options, then clicking Bookmark Dupes. I do not see any Bookmark Dupes icons in the upper right corner of Chrome, like I do for other extensions. Am I missing something? Thank you.

clive apps

Jun 23, 2023

possible additional feature

would it be possible to add a "mark all but longest description button" to the selections? I usually add some notes to the bookmarks and need to do a visual check of the selections before I hit the "delete" button

James Kuo

May 11, 2023

How to recover those removed bookmarks?

I am wondering how to recover those removed bookmarks.

E. O.

Oct 12, 2022

Feature request

It would be nice to have a validation functionality:
- ping bookmarks, whether they answer with 200,
- update favicons,
- offer to delete bookmarks with 404/410,
- offer to update bookmarked URLs, if original URL is redirected.

Joachim Berger

May 26, 2021

Herzlichen Dank

Guten Tag,
ich nutze Chrome auf mehreren PCs, die teilweise länger ausgeschaltet sind. Wenn die sich nach dem Einschalten synchronisieren, kommt es immer wieder zu Duplikaten.
Teilweise 10, 20 oder mehr.
Hier wäre es hilfreich einen zusätzlichen Button zu haben mit dem alle Duplikate eines Eintrages außer dem Ersten zum Löschen/Verschieben markiert werden.
Besten Dank nochmals

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