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ben kaleb

Apr 20, 2021

BookMark All Tabs

can you please add the option to
save tabs on exit and
save tab when new tab is created
instead of having to press the icon each time?


Nov 23, 2020

Language and drop-down list

We really don't have enough support for the Russian language! ... it would be nice to add a selection of the save folder as a drop-down list..


Apr 17, 2020

Marked Tabs

Please, Add the option to bookmark marked tabs.

Esther BL

Feb 12, 2020

Almost perfect! Please bookmark all windows, and please add YYYY-MM-DD folder name format

I absolutely love your extension - however there is one huge deal breaker for me and a second thing which is quite glaring to an Australian, and computer programmer!

1. Bookmark all tabs in *ALL WINDOWS*: This is the kicker for me. Your extension is the best in terms of options, but I still have to do each window separately.
I'm a terrible human being and I constantly have hundreds of tabs sometimes in a dozen windows, usually for a dozen different topics - so the division between different windows is usually non-arbitrary. If you could create a sub-folder for each window within the dated folder, that would be absolutely amazing. However even if all the tabs from every window were saved into the same dated folder, that would still be great.

There is one other thing that, combined with #1, would make your extension perfect as far as I'm concerned:

2. DATE FORMAT, preferably YYYY-MM-DD: Can we modify the folder name date format/can you add a new date format?
All I care about is yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm so I can instantly order the folders chronologically, (I know they are saved in order, but I would like to be able to re-order them chronologically even if I have re-sorted bookmarks alphabetically or whatever in the past, using your or another extension)
But I'm guessing other Aussies/UK/Europeans might like a dd-mm-yyyy option (although god knows why when you've got yyyy-mm-dd lol!).

If there is already a way to do this, huge apologies and can you please let me know how to do it!!!

Marpa 88

Jan 15, 2020

Bookmarks Saving and Sorting

Is it possible to sort the bookmarks alphabetically so all of the duplicates will show up or better yet can be deleted? Thanks. Marpa

Justin Schmitt

Dec 13, 2019

A minor minor suggestion having to do with time

Very useful product however I think you could have the "nest new tabs under" option as five drop down menus rather than a long list that may be hard to follow. These would be title, year, month, day, and time (or title, time, day, month, and year). The title, day, and year will have a on and a not on option and the month will have a on, not on, on but fully written, and on but written abbreviated. This suggestion will be very minor, but will provide a better experience to the user by giving a nice simple look but retaining all the current available options. Its the little things that makes up something bigger

thank you

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