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A Chrome Web Store user

Oct 14, 2016


I would be very happy to use Bookindy, but I use Firefox and am not willing to install Chrome just for this one application. Do you have plans for a Firefox add-on?

Terence Bentley

Oct 14, 2016

Firefox version please

I deeply dislike Chrome. I use Firefox and occasionally Safari. Please provide alternatives for non-Chrome browsers...

Sachin Patel

Sep 13, 2016

Library integration

It would absolutely make this app if you could also show if the book was available in your local library.

Dan Harvey

Mar 31, 2016

Wrong location

It keeps on suggesting a bookshop as being 4.4 miles away, when in fact it's 60 miles away - can I set my location on the extension?

Daniel von Marschall

Mar 7, 2016


Hi, have you evaluated already Spanish Market?

Kayla Gregory

Oct 13, 2015

Certain editions of books

When bookindy is telling me that I can get the book from my local bookstore is it offering the same edition?

I know that is probably difficult to do but that is important me.

Terry Hickman

Aug 17, 2015

UK only?

Will this be available in the US someday? I hope?

Dennis Smith

Jun 16, 2015

Does not display in amazon

It's added to Chrome but does not display on Amazon.

David Newton

Jun 8, 2015


Would use it occasionally on Chrome, but Firefox is my browser of choice - What's not to like about adding a few more platforms, or do you have some sort of a tie-in to Chrome?

Amy Abigail

Jun 6, 2015

How does this work?

I hate to sound stupid, but I just can't get started with bookindy. How do I get it installed on my ipad? I just seem to go round in circles on my ipad, not able to actually install bookindy.
Does it work on apple products?
If you could give me some clear instructions or a link to the download pages, that would be hugely appreciated, as I'm really keen to support bookindy and support local booksellers.
Many thanks,

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