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Doug Lynch

Aug 12, 2022

option to disable search box

saw the new update. thanks for the work you do! but could you include a check box at the bottom (like you have for other options) for the ability to remove the bookmark search box a the top


Kai Chuang

Feb 12, 2019

doesn't work for bookmark bar

It works great with bookmark, but not bookmark bar. Hope it can also open items in bookmark bar in new tabs.

PJ Carroll

Jan 3, 2019

Icon glitch when name text is empty

When a bookmark's name is blank, then only the top half of the icon is shown.

Daniel N

Aug 29, 2018


I'd like to be able to:

- Move bookmarks from new tab page

- Delete/edit bookmarks from new tab page

- Open bookmarks in new tab in background by default

Klaus Kochan

Mar 5, 2018

Move bookmarks

For the next version: Move bookmarks within the NewTab.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jun 12, 2017

Ctrl-click no longer open in new tab

Ctrl-click no longer open my shortcut in a in new tab. This problem showed up only today on all my computer at once and only for this bookmark page. So I am assuming it comes from the extension it-self.

Doug Lynch

Jun 12, 2017

can't collapse folders anymore

For some reason, all of my folders expanded themselves and I can no longer collapse specific ones

Don Roy

May 26, 2017

How to remove 'edit' flag?

I used BNTP a couple months ago and the 'edit' popdown flag was not there. New install now and it's there. There are lots of ways to edit a bookmark, so how do I remove it here?
Don Roy

A Chrome Web Store user

Apr 1, 2017

change order of groups

It would nice to have the chrome apps second (meaning before the bookmarks) I have a lot of bookmark and would rather not have to scroll all the way down to get to the chrome apps. An option for setting the order of the 3 toggle choices for how they appear would be good.

Veronica Martinez

Mar 29, 2017

Link to Bookmarks Instead?


I was wondering if you could make it so that I can link to this bookmark page instead of having it set to the new tab page. I really really like it, but I have a new tab page that I already enjoy. It only is able to list 6 links and I'd like one of them to link to this bookmarks page.

Thank you!

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