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Nathan Pham

May 20, 2024

cannot add website on localhost to safe list

Hi team, I cannot add the website I build on localhost to the "safe list".
you can view this screenshot in Lightshot:

Taha Khoumani

Oct 28, 2023

Specific website feature

can u add a feature where it only works on a specific website like youtube or else so that im still able to see images from other websites

David Renkl

Aug 10, 2023

Doesn't work anymore

Can you please restore the last version? That worked very well. Now, not so much. If you fix this I will of course change my review

সাদমান সৌহার্দ্য

Jul 8, 2023

Hovering and unblurring

Hi! This is a great extension. I love to use it. But there's a problem that I have-

Hovering over the photos does not cause unblurring. Remains blurred. It's Windows 11 and the device is Acer Aspire 7-A715 laptop, browser is Chrome.

moto rider

Nov 11, 2022


It would be great if there were keyboard shortcut hotkeys

Ahmed Hassanein

Nov 11, 2022

Enable/Disable per website

I love it, but it's more helpful to persist which sites it's enabled on instead of a global switch
(I'm using it on mobile using Kiwi browser, not as easy to flip the button as in a desktop brwser)

corn dodge

Dec 8, 2021

Convert from manifest V3 to manifest V2 so that keyboard shortcut will work to activate popup

Currently I don't see a way to activate from full screen. If manifest V2 was used instead of V3 a hotkey could activate the popup and then the on/off slider could be accessed with a mouse without exiting full screen. This would be useful when watching movies or shows at full screen and content needs to be blurred momentarily. Thank you for this great extension.

Tristan Schmitt

Nov 1, 2021


Hello, I would like to have a shortcut to quickly enable and disable the blur


May 16, 2021

I have a question Sorry for not speaking English well.

Is it impossible not to use the function to cancel the blur by hovering the mouse?
I want to always use the blur function with a password or other method
Are there any plans for this update?

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