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Christina Duff

Dec 16, 2021

Nothing is blurred when I screen record

I downloaded the extension, added words to the black list, but when I screen record, nothing is blurred. What am I doing wrong?

Tara Bar

Apr 12, 2021

single word versus whole sentence

Is it possible to blur a single word rather than the whole sentence which contain the blacklisted word?

János Pál Kovács

Nov 3, 2020

How can I use this extension - Blur It Out

How can I use this extension - Blur It Out?
Thanks for your reply!
BR, Janos Kovacs

Iris Degnes

Jul 27, 2020

New Feature

Hi, when i add words, it seems the whole "element" is blurred out, not just the one word. I would love to see a feature where I could draw a box (or multiple ones) so I can blur out the areas on a webpage I don't want to show in a video capture I do. It should then also stick to the page when scrolling so it stays in the areas that where marked.
Would be a real time saver!

Jarad C

Sep 24, 2019

Blur When Hovered Over Too Possible?

I love your Chrome extension. When I hover over an element though, it unblurs. Is there any way you could create an option or setting to keep it remained BLURRED? This would be the best plugin ever if so.

Clayton Fabiano

Feb 21, 2019

Missing features

I like to use this extension, but missing backup for listed words, whitelist, option to disable mouseover and, when refresh the page, occur a certain delay to blur the listed words.

David Ogletree

Jan 3, 2018

Disable Mouseover

Is there a way to disable the mouseover feature. I want it to blur no matter what until I turn off.

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