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NIkhil sinha

Feb 9, 2023


when blocksi blocks youtube video it redirects me to the blocksi channel video du uto which i often gets confused for which category it blocked particular youtube video, i want to resolve this it should Redirect to search and video in which it mentioned that, due to this category, it has been logged by blocksy 4. I have blocked all category, except educational video. In youtube Using block C and sometimes watching a one educational video. It blocks it due to which I often get confused due to which category blocks these content will. Video one read and I start ex experimenting by going to blocking extension settings and turning off and turning on again and again. Each category to find out due to which category. It is blocking that particular video youtube video. Therefore, blogs should redirect me to. Books such as video of Bloxy Channel. Box 32 channel in which it is mentioned through these categories. It is blogged so that, if needed, I can turn off that category and to say that. Blockchain should not redirect to only. One youtube video blogsie channel should upload multiple categories. Category wise video, in which, whenever it will block different category, it will redirect to different category. Video, Of Blokesy Channel


Sep 16, 2022

Site access

It seems site acces button can completely bypass this extension how do i lock site access settings?


Sep 6, 2022


Embedded YouTube videos cause the error above, but I've also had it with Google search

Logan Gryp

Apr 27, 2022

Question from former Blocksi sufferer

How the heck is your sight allowed to do this. Track your physical position are you serious? You have to be kidding me. And then you can track an email of someone that has this app installed. This has to be a virus. Because if it is not then you might be thinking of the wrong thing. You can track almost everything I do. I know that you can watch the screens of teachers that are looking at the student's screens. I am not stupid just because I am a 5th grader. I know what this app can do and I don't like it. I hate this app and it should be taken down.

Cesar Rodriguez Gonzalez

Apr 20, 2022

Facil de desinstalar

Que tal muy buenas noches, de favor requiero el apoyo de ustedes para configurar al 100% esta extensión, sobre todo en el apartado de (que no se puede eliminar).

Pregunto si tiene opción de "eliminar solo con contraseña", quedo atento


Dec 26, 2021

how to remove blocksi

i downloaded your free web blocker app and access to every website is denied. How do I undo this?

Yahia Orabi

Oct 22, 2021

Embedded youtube videos

All embedded youtube videos don't work.

The error: redirected you too many times.

I removed the extensions and problem fixed

LCA Admin

Sep 1, 2021


I have been trying to get a billing statement from your sales department for over 9 weeks now. The school year is starting, and I am unable to get to the admin console because "Your subscription has expired."


David Suarez

Aug 31, 2021

Clave perdida

No recuerdo mi contraseña para la extension y no he podido configurarla nuevamente
Agradezco su ayuda


Jul 27, 2021 pornographic site not blocked

after manually blocking its not block. Please look into this matter.

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