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Dec 16, 2023

During break it refreshes all blocked sites

When a break appears, it refreshes all webbpages, causing problems. Eg. all youtube tabs start playing, written text in notes dissappears.

Lys El

Feb 2, 2021


Hi I have set a custom sound notification but block&focus keeps turning it off every time I turn my computer back on, how can I fix this?


Apr 5, 2020

Daily Schedule

Hey, thanks for this great extension. It has truly helped me increase my productivity. My question is if you have any plans to incorporate a kind of "daily schedule"? My problem is that I like to put off starting the extension and lose a lot of time thanks to that behaviour. Ideally, I would like to have the extension auto-start at a given time that I specific beforehand. Is there any way that you could implement something like this?

Let's say I plan to start at 10am the next day and work until 6pm with a break of an hour. But I know that I'll start at 1pm or so if I don't hit that starting point and might spend my time somewhere else. My idea is that I program the extension the day before to start automatically at 10am and thereby force me to work on my stuff. That way I can do whatever I want in the morning and still start my work punctually. The next step could be to implement an individual schedule for each day or something like that. I'd greatly appreciate an upgrade like that.

Hooman Y

Mar 22, 2020

Export Data

Hi! Great extension! Do you have any plans to add a feature (or maybe a workaround?) to export Statistics data?

Marian Alexandru Alecu

Mar 16, 2020

Potential acquisition

Do you have any interest in selling this extension? I saw little development recently and I'd love to take it to the next level :D



May 30, 2019

Pause on new cycle not working?

With the pause on new cycle setting checked, after a work session is complete, it starts the "break" section paused. The icon is green, there is no timer, just the letter P. If I click the icon I can click start, which starts the work session over. Shouldn't the new cycle begin with the work session? I want to manually start my work session, but still have a timer for the breaks.


May 30, 2019

Can the blocker be set as an overlay, rather than redirect?

I don't know the best way to describe the feature, but imagine instead of completely blocking access to a webpage, the webpage still loads, and instead the blocker adds an overlay that does not allow you to click on the website, or interact with it. The URL bar shows the original URL address.

One specific use of this is if you want to have a YouTube video playing in the background for audio only, but still blocking you from interacting and browsing on YouTube. Another case would be if you have a session open in a tab, but do not want to lose it or refresh the page, it is simply "hidden" until the break period. There are many instances where refreshing a page is unwanted and interrupts a specific functionality whether the tab is focused or not.


May 30, 2019

Can you start the timer with a single click, rather than opening the menu?

I would like to start the timer by simply clicking on the extension icon once, instead of clicking twice, once to open the menu, another to click start.

I don't find it necessary to have the options menu under the same left click menu, when you can simply right click if you want to go to the options. Statistics menu can be nested on the options page. Ideally users could be able to toggle this in the options if they prefer opening the menu.

The extension is about productivity, and it may seem small, but removing an unnecessary mouse click goes a long way when you're in the zone working away.

Felipe Ferr

Apr 22, 2019


Facebook nao esta mais bloqueando as paginas.


Feb 22, 2019

Block third-level domains

The extension blocks "" but does not block "" and so on. Please make it block all the pages of third- and lower level domains.

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