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Lasse Holst Knudsen

Sep 21, 2020


I have heard that you need some kind of shortcut to be able to use the extentions, but I can't find the place where is will allow me to do that. Please help

Jeffrey Kaplan

May 10, 2019

No options to set use

Chrome 74. There are no options in this plugin, so no way to actually use it.

Miguel Marcelo

Jan 21, 2018

Autofill function

Hey, this thing is great! It does exactly what I was looking for. But when I'm typing in the search bar, I'd like seeing a autofill bar with google suggestions. Would it be possible?

Jason Gomez

Jan 7, 2018

Ignore my previous comment.

I just realised why it isn't working in Windows. I need to set the custom keyboard shortcut that I have been using (Alt-D).

Jason Gomez

Jan 7, 2018

Doesn't work in Windows?

I've been using this with no problems in Linux (Mint), but just noticed that it doesn't seem to do anything in Windows. What's going on?

Mohd Ismail

Feb 20, 2017

A design changes reuest

Just make the design looks more material design like the google native design, it will look better with chrome


Jan 26, 2016

Custom search Engine

Hi, can i add a custom search engine instead of google ?


A Chrome Web Store user

Sep 20, 2015

Two feature requests, one small bug report

Hi there, love your app, 2 small feature requests:

1. Please include clearer instructions on setting keyboard shortcuts in Chrome (I know it's not your fault, but it's a relatively obscure feature that one other reviewer and myself did not know about). I mean like, right on top, maybe even in ALL CAPS, TELL THEM THAT THEY NEED TO SET A KEYBOARD SHORTCUT IN THE CHROME EXTENSIONS WINDOW.

2. The window takes about 0.5 seconds to load, by which time I've already typed in a couple characters that don't display on the screen. Can you:

a) Make the window load time shorter, or at least

b) Capture the input before opening the window so that my first letters don't disappear into a black hole.

Thanks again for the useful app! :)

Dry Dryy

Jun 19, 2015

Can't assign key

Right now, I can't access the "option" menu and therefore can't assign a key to the extension, rendering it useless. Is the plug in abandonned and not updated anymore or is it just an isolated issue i'm encountering? It's a seriously awesome idea and i got excited for nothing since it doesn't work for me haha

Jennifer Mannoja

Aug 22, 2014

Compatible with Kiosk ChromeBox

Hi there,
I'm trying to set up a Chrome Box in Kiosk mode. I currently have it in a Single App Kiosk Mode that opens up into a Chrome Browser. However, the omnibox is not present! I was wondering if this could replace the app that currently open up or if I can use this as an extension to replace the Omnibox's absence. Thanks!

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