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Meech RPN

Jan 10, 2023

Keep shutting down

I love this app but after a while it stops saving colors. Please advise

Sam Knight

Mar 16, 2021

Privacy Policy

Hi, extensions are blocked by admin in my company unless they know what kind of data is trying to be accessed by the app.

You have no info in the privacy policy section and I was wondering if you have any info on this?


Mads Teglers

May 11, 2020

Thank you for an amazing extention.

Its an amazing app - will there possibly be a standalone version for Mac / win / ios later?

Roman Mohar

Jul 22, 2019

Just an idea...

It is an excellent plugin! Very nice! (I am a graphic / web designer)
I am sharing it on my Facebook page.

It would be even better if one could name each group.
Maybe even the colors, but at least the group. ;)

Thank you for the great plugin!

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